About Capo

Capo (pronounced 'kay-po') is an Open Mic Community Tool.

It is built on Ruby on Rails and jQTouch.

Developed by Casey Li.


During this crucial development phase, we welcome lots of feedback about anything and everything about this app. Please send us your thoughts and suggestions here.

Submit an Open Mic

Know about an Open Mic that's not in our database, send us the information here.

Become the Host of an Open Mic

Are you the Host of an Open Mic in our database? Want access to certain Host features? Let us know here.

Contribute to Capo

Are you a developer who wants to get involved? Capo is Open Source! Whether you want to do Ruby on Rails, HTML5, iOS, Android, Javascript, CSS, we'd love you contribute.
You can find the source code here.
If you have any questions or want suggestions on what you can work on, send us a message here.